Home to some amazing restaurants, Fremantle is a beautiful place to explore and indulge in a culinary adventure. But sometimes… well, that’s just not possible.

Particularly when you’re staying in Fremantle for an extended trip.

You might be here for work, with a few late nights ahead of you, and you know you won’t make it back to your room until after restaurants are closed.

Or it may have been a long day in the office, and when you do finish work, you don’t want to have to think about which restaurant to choose. You’re too exhausted to go anywhere—you just want to go home to your room and crash.

Or maybe you’re making a long term stay in Perth. It could be for a staycation, or you’re spending time here while you’re renovating your home. You don’t want to splash out every night on food at a restaurant; you just want something that feels like home cooking, without breaking the bank.

And sure, you could look at food delivery services. But they’re expensive, and it’s mostly fast food that you feel sluggish after eating more than a couple of nights in a row.

You simply want food that feels good. That’s nourishing, wholesome, and you don’t have to go out and search for. And you want it quick, fast, and available in your room.

At Pier 21, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing our new dining options

We’re pleased to announce our in-room food service has been extended, and we now offer gourmet grazing boards and high-quality frozen meals.

Chef-prepared meals ready in minutes

Our frozen meals aren’t your average TV dinner. Prepared locally by C Si Bon, a small family owned business dedicated to making gourmet, restaurant quality food.  Discover their selection of French-inspired meals, made fresh and snap-frozen every week.

No hidden nasties or preservatives, just good, nourishing food delivered directly to your door—available at an affordable price that’s cheaper than dining out, and more efficient than getting a lukewarm burger delivered after a 45-minute wait.

There are a range of meals available, featuring all your home-cooked favourites. Think lasagne, minestrone soup, marinated lamb, and more. Available for individuals, couples, or families, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

Decadent grazing boards

Looking for something fancy to indulge in without leaving your room? Don’t rely on the same old crackers and brie from the supermarket. 

Our grazing boards are an event in themselves. Featuring a selection of our chef’s favourite cheeses, pickles, and mouthwatering meats, they’re the perfect treat for when you don’t feel like a sit-down meal. Just you, a grazing board, and the exceptional views out over the Swan River.

How to get them

It’s easy to get Pier 21 in-room meals or a grazing board delivered to your door. Simply contact our friendly reception team before 10am for same-day delivery, or any time after 10am to book for the next day.

Long term accommodation in Perth just got easier

Pier 21 apartments are perfect for self-catering during your long term stay in Perth. Our new in-room meals and grazing boards give you the ability to prepare a meal faster than it takes to get to a restaurant before it closes. You have the option of eating right there in your room, without worrying about where you’re going to eat, how much it’s going to cost, and how to get there and back.

So the next time you’re looking at booking long term accommodation in Perth or Fremantle, book your room at Pier 21 Apartment Hotel. You can sleep easier knowing you have fresh and healthy meal options delivered to your door.